Summary judgment was granted in correctional officer’s favor in Patterson v. Brown, et al., No. 15-cv-02002-SLD, where an inmate alleged that the force used against him was excessive. The inmate was tased after refusing to follow orders and moved into a defensive position towards the officers. The court found that the inmate was belligerent, cursed at the officers, repeatedly refused orders, and moved towards them. The court concluded that the officer acted reasonably in tasing him, finding that it was the only tactic left to the officer to enforce compliance with the officer’s orders. The court further held that the few hour delay between the use of the Taser and giving the inmate medical attention was de minimis and did not establish a claim for deliberate indifference. Michael Condon and Anthony Becknek represented the correctional officer.

October 11, 2016

Patterson v. Brown

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