Judge Jorge Alonso in the Northern District of Illinois granted summary judgment in favor of Village of New Lenox police officers in Lofgren v. Wojowski, et al., Case No. 14 C 7869, 2016 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 134247 (N.D. Ill. September 29, 2016). An off-duty Chicago Police Officer, following his arrest for possession of controlled substances, alleged that he was arrested without probable cause, and that the New Lenox officers conspired to violate his Fourth Amendment rights. Prescription narcotics were found by New Lenox officers in a parking lot where the off-duty Chicago police officer had been standing following the arrest of his companion for driving under the influence. The Court found that the Plaintiff’s evasiveness during the investigation, his contradictory statements about the narcotics during questioning, and the circumstantial evidence of his possession of the recovered narcotics provided the officers with probable cause to arrest him. Furthermore, the Court found that the officers would have been entitled to qualified immunity for the arrest. Michael Bersani and Tony Fioretti defended the New Lenox Officers and the Village of New Lenox against the claims by the Chicago police officer.

October 11, 2016

Lofgren v. Wojowski

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