Federal Central District Judge Colin Bruce granted summary judgment in favor of correctional staff in Vazquez v. Wilson, et al., No. 14-2300 (C.D. Aug. 11, 2016). A jail inmate alleged that the jail nurse and correctional officer were deliberately indifferent to his medical needs following the removal of his wisdom tooth. He alleged that he did not receive the prescribed antibiotics for 56 hours following his oral surgery and that the officer refused to take him to the ER for further treatment several days later. The Court found no deliberate indifference in the 56-hour delay of prescription antibiotics and found no evidence that the officer ignored or interfered with the prescribed treatment or that the inmate demonstrated any objective conditions that would suggest he faced a life-threatening situation when he demanded to go to the ER. Thus, no constitutional violation occurred. Michael Condon and Anthony Becknek represented the defendant correctional staff.

September 13, 2016

Vazquez v. Wilson, et al.

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