Christian Ketter won First Place the Illinois Local Government Lawyer’s Association Member Writing Competition Award with “Once Similar, Now Disparate: A Reasonable Degree Of Possibility, The Illinois Supreme Court Could Follow Its Future-Injury Trend For Future-Medical”

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Please join us in welcoming Andrea M. Nikolai to our team.

Christian Ketter has joined the DCBA Brief Editorial Board. Congrats!

HCB Attorney Christian Ketter’s published an article in John Marshall’s Law Review: “Chief Justice John Marshall’s Judicial Statesmanship Amid In Re Burr: A Pragmatic Political Balancing Against President Jefferson Over Treason”


Ketter, Chief Justice John Marshall’s Judicial Statesmanship

David Mathues presented an argument before the Seventh Circuit on behalf of the defendants in Brooks v. Kankakee, Case Number: 20-1395.

Tony Fioretti gave a presentation at the ILGL Fall Seminar with Greg Jones of Ancel Glink on Sidewalk and Pothole Liability.

Sidewalk & Pothole Liability

Christian Ketter was a featured guest-lecturer at Morton College on 11/5/2020, presenting on Plea Bargaining in Criminal Prosecutions.

Morton College Presentation on Plea Bargains

David Mathues presented before the CBA Local Government Committee on 11/4/2020 on Use of Force Experts in Section 1983 Suits.

CBA Presentation 11.4.2020 – Thoughts on Use of Force Experts in Sec. 1983 Lawsuits

Yordana Wysocki will be speaking at the Illinois Local Government Lawyers Association’s Fall Seminar on Sidewalk and Pothole litigation on November 5, 2020.

David Mathues is giving a presentation on Use of Force Experts for the Chicago Bar Association on November 4, 2020.