David Mathues presented an argument before the Seventh Circuit on behalf of the defendants in Bruno v. City of Kankakee, et al., Case No. 22-2945.


Please join us in welcoming Jaime Nolasco to our team.

Attorney Mathues recently published the article, “Slouching Towards Negligence”

The article discusses how some federal courts of appeal (mis)apply Kingsley v. Hendrickson to denial of medical care claims by pretrial detainees, and how practitioners in those circuits can be pushed back until SCOTUS steps in to resolve the 4-to-4 circuit spilt on this issue.

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David Mathues and Michael Condon were recognized by legal news organization “Law360” for their work in the trial court and appellate court for the City of Kankakee in an employment case.

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Christian Ketter was appointed to the Board of Directors for the DuPage County Bar Association.

Congratulations to Chuck Hervas, this year’s recipient of the Distinguished Service Award for Lifetime Achievement.

Congratulations Yordana Wysocki for 5 years of outstanding and dedicated service to the Local Government Law Newsletter.

David Mathues delivered a presentation called “A Guide to Getting Your Case to the Supreme Court in Five Easy Steps” to a joint gathering of the Appellate and Local Government Sections of the DuPage County Bar Association.”

David Mathues presented “An Illustrated Guide to Getting Your Case to SCOTUS in Six Easy Steps,” before the DuPage County Bar Association’s Appellate Law and Local Government Sections.

DCBA Presentation

Christian Ketter has been appointed as an Associate Judge of Awards and Subgrants by the American Bar Association YLD.

Christian Ketter’s article about The Honorable Mia McPherson: Recurring Historical Themes on a Path to the Judiciary and a Home Called DuPage County was published in DCBA Brief Vol 35, Issue 4 (2023).

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