Local Government Litigation


For more than three decades, our attorneys have defended local governments, their officials, and employees in litigation.

No matter the case, large or small, the scope of our local government litigation practice is robust and rich in experience with successful results. We have represented local governmental clients in complex wrongful death and other personal injury cases, including high-speed police pursuits and serious vehicular accidents. On the premises liability side, we have defended our clients in cases involving complex pipeline failures and more garden-variety slip-and-fall injuries (i.e., sidewalk/street defects). We understand the Illinois Tort Immunity Act, and we work to assert and expand its reach whenever possible to protect our clients from money damages exposure. In short, whether a claim arises from general municipal operations, official decision-making, employment terminations, land use changes, or negligent or willful and wanton conduct, our firm has the experience and knowledge to obtain the best result for our local government clients.

Proactive Case Management

We understand that the successful resolution of cases requires a proactive management from the onset. We engage in aggressive investigation and ask the tough questions to develop, implement, and coordinate an effective strategy to tackling litigation head-on. Often the goal is to resolve a case on a dispositive motion (i.e., motion to dismiss or motion for summary judgment) or at trial, but other times the right strategy is to acknowledge the reality of risk and cost, and settlement may be the best option for the client. Either way, our firm works with each client to ensure that their goals are achieved and disputes are resolved with the best results possible.

Internal Investigations and other Pre-Suit Services

Often times we are called upon to become involved in matters before litigation is filed. In those instances, we work to provide a quick and thorough response to incidents as they unfold. We understand that an early approach may reduce or even avoid the potential for litigation and otherwise manage the risk of liability that our public sector clients face on a daily basis. To that end, our attorneys can assist with internal investigations (i.e, accident investigations, employment discrimination/retaliation complaints, etc.), press management, and other pre-suit issues.

Trial Experience

Going to trial is sometimes the best and only strategy left. In that event, our attorneys have the right experience, having successfully tried bench and jury trials in a myriad of cases throughout the State of Illinois before federal and state courts.