Local Police News: June 19, 2023

June 20, 2023

2 Chicago police officers hospitalized after Canaryville crash, officials say  [Web Page].  Accessed 6-19-2023. Available at: http://abc7chicago.com/car-crash-chicago-police-news-canaryville/13399175/  

9 officers had to subdue drunken driver after crash that killed teen couple, prosecutor says  [Web Page].  Accessed 6-19-2023. Available at: https://chicago.suntimes.com/2023/6/13/23759183/9-officers-subdue-drunken-driver-crash-killed-teen-couple-prosecutor-says  

Bomb squad removes, destroys live rocket round possibly from World War II found buried near Antioch [Web Page].  Accessed 6-19-2023. Available at: http://www.lakemchenryscanner.com/2023/06/15/bomb-squad-removes-destroys-live-rocket-round-possibly-from-world-war-ii-found-buried-near-antioch/

Chicago Police memorial run returns for 19th year, remembering slain officers [Web Page].  Accessed 6-19-2023. Available at: http://wgntv.com/news/chicago-news/chicago-police-memorial-run-returns-for-19th-year-remembering-slain-officers/

City of Aurora commemorates Juneteenth with decorated squad car  [Web Page].  Accessed 6-19-2023. Available at:  http://www.cbsnews.com/chicago/news/aurora-juneteenth-squad-car/

Decatur, Macon County agencies welcome the revealing lens of police body cams [Web Page].  Accessed 6-19-2023. Available at: https://herald-review.com/news/local/government-politics/decatur-police-macon-county-sheriff-body-cameras-results/article_21829910-c42c-11ed-964d-6f12af77aa91.html

Decatur PD and city leaders address surge in youth gun violence, begin enforcing curfew immediately news  [Web Page].  Accessed 6-19-2023. Available at: http://www.wandtv.com/news/decatur-pd-and-city-leaders-address-surge-in-youth-gun-violence-begin-enforcing-curfew-immediately/article_276fa356-0b29-11ee-89eb-db18ed31c9e9.html

Des Plaines police release bodycam video of officer-involved shooting [Web Page].  Accessed 6-19-2023. Available at: http://wgntv.com/news/northwest-suburbs/des-plaines-police-release-bodycam-video-of-officer-involved-shooting/  .

Notes: More coverage:  Suburban police release video showing fatal confrontation with axe-wielding man
http://www.audacy.com/wbbm780/news/local/police-release-video-of-fatal-confrontation-with-man h

Forest Preserve police warn trail users to slow down and use caution this summer [Will County] [Web Page].  Accessed 6-19-2023. Available at: http://www.wjol.com/forest-preserve-police-warn-trail-users-to-slow-down-and-use-caution-this-summer

Former police chief, school resource officer charged with child pornography pleads not guilty http://www.wandtv.com/news/former-police-chief-school-resource-officer-charged-with-child-pornography-pleads-not-guilty/article_cc8a8530-0b89-11ee-a802-875969b47139.html

In botched Anjanette Young raid, Chicago Police Board votes to fire sergeant in charge  [Web Page].  Accessed 6-19-2023. Available at: http://chicago.suntimes.com/crime/2023/6/15/23763033/anjanette-young-chicago-police-board-alex-wolinski-botched-raid

Latest scam has Naperville PD issuing a warning tao residents  [“…a man is allegedly calling several local residents pretending to be an officer of the department, demanding money in the form of a gift card.  In exchange, he’ll agree to clear up a warrant for the resident’s arrest.”] [Web Page].  Accessed 6-19-2023. Available at: http://www.nctv17.org/news/latest-scam-has-naperville-pd-issuing-a-warning-to-residents/

Daily Herald — may require registration . Some suburbs have more people collecting a police pension these days than they have officers patrolling the streets [There may be more, but the list included Schaumburg, Hoffman Estates, Arlington Heights, Park Ridge, Streamwood, Mount Prospect, Wheeling, Elk Grove Village, Rolling Meadows, Glenview, Northbrook, Elmhurst, Lombard, Downers Grove, Villa Park, Wheaton, Roselle, Oak Brook, Bensenville, Itasca, Barrington, Buffalo Grove, Libertyville, Kildeer, East Dundee , and Fox River Grove.  How the list was compiled was worth reading about.  SLC] [Web Page].  Accessed 6-19-2023. Available at: http://www.dailyherald.com/news/20230617/which-suburbs-have-more-people-collecting-police-pensions-than-officers-on-the-job

North Chicago Police Department announces death of retired canine who worked in department for years [Capone] [Web Page].  Accessed 6-19-2023. Available at: http://www.lakemchenryscanner.com/2023/06/14/north-chicago-police-department-announces-death-of-retired-canine-who-worked-in-department-for-years/

Oak Park police fills ranks with two deputy chief hires [Dave Jacobson and Roderick Robinson ] [Web Page].  Accessed 6-19-2023. Available at: http://www.oakpark.com/2023/06/02/oak-park-police-fills-ranks-with-two-deputy-chief-hires

Notes: Chicago Tribune coverage:  Oak Park announces 2 veteran officers with ‘unique skillsets’ promoted to deputy chief, police command staff http://www.chicagotribune.com/suburbs/oak-park/ct-oak-new-police-department-deputies-tl-0615-20230614-igssc5i6y5heleznaq5khuvi3e-story.html#ed=rss_www.chicagotribune.com/arcio/rss/category/suburbs/

Oak Park taskforce report urges hiring of social workers to police force [Web Page].  Accessed 6-19-2023. Available at: http://www.oakpark.com/2023/06/13/oak-park-taskforce-report-urges-hiring-of-social-workers-to-police-force/

Off-Duty Chicago Police Sergeant Found Not Guilty of Battery, Misconduct for Pinning 14-Year-Old Boy to Park Ridge Sidewalk [Web Page].  Accessed 6-19-2023. Available at: http://news.wttw.com/2023/06/16/duty-chicago-police-sergeant-found-not-guilty-battery-misconduct-pinning-14-year-old-boy

Officer kicked in groin, second officer battered during attempted arrest of woman in Waukegan [Web Page].  Accessed 6-19-2023. Available at: http://www.lakemchenryscanner.com/2023/06/17/officer-kicked-in-groin-second-officer-battered-during-attempted-arrest-of-woman-in-waukegan/

Officers honored one year after apprehending father charged with killing his children in Round Lake Beach [Web Page].  Accessed 6-19-2023. Available at: http://www.lakemchenryscanner.com/2023/06/15/officers-honored-one-year-after-apprehending-father-charged-with-killing-his-children-in-round-lake-beach/

Retiring Oswego police chief thanked for service to village  [Web Page].  Accessed 6-19-2023. Available at: http://www.shawlocal.com/kendall-county-now/news/government/2023/06/15/retiring-oswego-police-chief-thanked-for-service-to-village/

Stark County Will get Free K9 from McDonough County [Web Page].  Accessed 6-19-2023. Available at: http://illinoisweeklies.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/PN-5-12-23-WEB.pdf

Yorkville dedicates new facility for municipal offices and police  [Web Page].  Accessed 6-19-2023. Available at: http://chronicleillinois.com/news/kendall-county-news/yorkville-dedicates-new-facility-for-municipal-offices-and-police/  

‘Good boy Danno’: Lake County sheriff’s canine locates missing child in wooded area near Waukegan [Web Page].  Accessed 6-19-2023. Available at: http://www.lakemchenryscanner.com/2023/06/14/good-boy-danno-lake-county-sheriffs-canine-locates-missing-child-in-wooded-area-near-waukegan/

Governor signs bill into law that will allow police to use drones in wake of Highland Park parade [Web Page].  Accessed 6-19-2023. Available at: https://www.lakemchenryscanner.com/2023/06/18/governor-signs-bill-into-law-that-will-allow-police-to-use-drones-in-wake-of-highland-park-parade-shooting/

Minutes after reported Near West Side shooting, crowds twerk & taunt cops [Web Page].  Accessed 6-19-2023. Available at: https://wgntv.com/news/wgn-investigates/minutes-after-reported-near-west-side-shooting-crowds-twerks-taunt-cops/

Podcasts and Professional Development

Abstract from the journal Police Quarterly. Can a Virtual Reality Training Scenario Elicit Similar Stress Response as a Realistic Scenario-Based Training Scenario? [Web Page].  Accessed 6-19-2023. Available at: https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/abs/10.1177/10986111231182729

Case of Indiana man who went missing 71 years ago solved =Not strictly law enforcement, but an interesting story.  A man ran away from his family  in the 1950s and, it turns out, started a new life in a different state.  SLC] [Web Page].  Accessed 6-19-2023. Available at: http://www.audacy.com/wbbm780/news/local/case-of-indiana-man-who-went-missing-71-years-ago-solved

From the Office of Justice Programs. Elder Abuse Resources [Web Page].  Accessed 6-19-2023. Available at: https://www.ojp.gov/feature/elder-abuse/overview

JUSTINFO Newsletter :  Volume 29, Issue 12 : June 15, 2023 [Web Page].  Accessed 6-19-2023. Available at: https://www.ojp.gov/news/justinfo/june-15-2023

Lexipol Webinar. Crisis Communications: Who Is Telling Your Story?  Thursday, June 29, 2023 | 1 pm Eastern [60 minutes] [” How you craft and relay your message to the community during those crisis events is critical to both the professional image and the overall success of your agency. If your agency isn’t telling your story, someone else will..”] [Web Page].  Accessed 6-19-2023. Available at: https://info.lexipol.com/webinar-crisis-communications

On the AARP’s Perfect Scam Podcast. A group of women join forces to expose romance scammer Derek Alldred, who used fake names to date them and had been arrested numerous times for fraud. [The attitude of the local law enforcers toward prosecuting the culprit is a disturbing aspect of this story.  The helpful intervention of an Atlantic Magazine writer helped bring national attention to the wandering criminal, as did the NCIS’s investigation of “stolen valor.”. SLC] [Web Page].  Accessed 6-19-2023. Available at: http://www.aarp.org/podcasts/the-perfect-scam/info-2023/women-take-down-romance-scammer-part-1.html  

Notes: Part 2:  Linda and Missi discover the man they both dated is a serial romance scammer. They band together with other women he deceived to bring him to justice. – http://www.aarp.org/podcasts/the-perfect-scam/info-2023/women-take-down-romance-scammer-part-2.html   This section talks about the effects of romance scams.  One of the troubling observations is taht Australian law enforcement believes that there are more suicides related to romance scams in that country than there are homicides.

On the Art of Manliness Podcast and Manliness. How to Survive Any Worst Case Scenario [A disaster is a overwhelming stressful situation, so it can vary with individuals.  Not all elements of stress can be trained for, but the guest talks about using the stress training one has had and, in a way, repurpose it.   Much of the safety information is probably old news, to you, but they might be either a good reminder, or shareable with less-experienced friends.   The show notes include links to a number of Art of Manliness blogposts about preparing for emergencies, could be worth examining.  Incidentally, Gordon Graham might remind you that reading other people’s stories provides life experience (or, here, stress exposure) without getting your hair mussed.  SLC] [Web Page].  Accessed 6-19-2023. Available at: http://the-art-of-manliness.simplecast.com/episodes/a-green-berets-guide-to-surviving-any-worst-case-scenario-cY84s1BT  .

Notes: The guest’s book (Glover Mike. Prepared : A Manual for Surviving Worst – Case Scenarios. Portfolio/Penguin 2023.] is available at these libraries:  https://worldcat.org/en/title/1346213031

On the Badge Boys Podcast. A grieving mother shares her 20 year journey to bring her daughter’s killers to Justice [Web Page].  Accessed 6-19-2023. Available at: http://starworldwidenetworks.com/episodes/a-grieving-mother-shares-her-20-year-journey-to-bring-her-daughters-killers-to-justice

On the Bend Don’t Break Podcast. Overcoming PTSD: Thriving and Finding Happiness Beyond Trauma  [The guest works with officers, and tells about a deputy who experienced a series of traumatic calls.  The officer’s ability to recognize his self-care needs, the casual way other therapists treated his traumas, and the progress he made are the highlights of the interview.  The guest also comments on the benefits of EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing).  The treatment evidently changes emotional reaction to memories.   [Web Page].  Accessed 6-19-2023. Available at: http://benddontbreak.libsyn.com/overcoming-ptsd-thriving-and-finding-happiness-beyond-trauma

On the Cops and Writers Podcast. To Hunt A Killer! The True Crime Story Of Julie Mackay Solving The 30-Year-Old Murder / Rape of Melanie Road =You’ve heard this story before, on the Game of Crimes podcast, but I’m impressed with her story.  This interview, however, includes the actual writer of her story, and his discussion of how he went about compiling her narration might be helpful.  SLC]

 [Web Page].  Accessed 6-19-2023. Available at: http://www.copsandwriters.com/podcast-1/episode/7af8b8bf/121-to-hunt-a-killer-the-true-crime-story-of-julie-mackay-solving-the-30-year-old-murder-rape-of-melanie-road

Notes: Here’s the link to the Gamg of Crimes interview:  https://gameofcrimespodcast.com/part-1-julie-mackay-cracks-a-31-year-old-cold-case/ .  And  her book, [Mackay Julie and Robert Murphy. To Hunt a Killer. HarperElement 2022] is available at these libraries:  https://worldcat.org/en/title/1308670043

On the Coroner Talk™ Podcast. What Now – Navigating the aftermath of homicide and suicide [The guest had been on the podcast a couple of years ago, to talk about her experience when her husband, who had been leading a double life, is murdered.  She has recently completed a book on what to do when a family member is the victim of a sudden or violent death. [Web Page].  Accessed 6-19-2023. Available at: http://coronertalk.com/what-now-navigating-the-aftermath-of-homicide-and-suicide  

Notes: Jan Canty’s new book, What Now?: Navigating the Aftermath of Homicide & Suicide, is not available at any libraries yet, but here’s its Amazon page:  http://www.amazon.com/What-Now-Navigating-Aftermath-Homicide/dp/B0BXNBNKQ6/ref=sr_1_1?crid=3BRF7G8DZA6YF  .  Her first book [Canty Jan. A Life Divided : A Psychologist’s Memoir About the Double Life and Murder of Her Husband – and Her Road to Recovery. First ed. Jan Canty 2020.] is available at these libraries:  https://worldcat.org/en/title/1232954306

Table of Contents Alert. Homicide Studies- Volume: 27, Number: 3 (August 2023) [Web Page].  Accessed 6-19-2023. Available at: https://journals.sagepub.com/toc/hsxa/27/3  

Today’s Tip from Lexipol. The Importance of Locking Your Patrol Vehicle  [Web Page].  Accessed 6-19-2023. Available at: http://www.lexipol.com/resources/todays-tips/importance-of-locking-your-patrol-vehicle/  

Via the SCCJA Trending Topics and American Police Beat. “An emerging threat”: States crack down on deadly drug xylazine to curb overdoses [Web Page].  Accessed 6-19-2023. Available at: http://apbweb.com/2023/06/an-emerging-threat-states-crack-down-on-deadly-drug-xylazine-to-curb-overdoses/ 

Notes: Local coverage:  Deadly animal tranquilizer is popping up in street drugs and Narcan can’t reverse it, officials say  http://cwbchicago.com/2023/06/animal-tranquilizer-xylazine-narcan-resistant-chicago.html

Via the SCCJA Trending Topics and the DEA. Join DEA for Webinars on Fentanyl Use Prevention Approaches and Innovations! [Just FYI.  There is a webinar scheduled for June 22, among the resources listed.  SLC] [Web Page].  Accessed 6-19-2023. Available at: http://content.govdelivery.com/accounts/USDOJDEAGSAD/bulletins/3607af7/   .

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