Local Police News: June 14, 2021

June 14, 2021

Aurora Police Chief Kristen Ziman announces retirement [Web Page].  Accessed 6-14-2021. Available at: https://wgntv.com/news/aurora-police-chief-kristen-ziman-announces-retirement/.

Chicago Police Body Camera Reforms Sluggish, Watchdog Report Finds [Just FYI.  SLC] [Web Page].  Accessed 6-14-2021. Available at: https://cbsloc.al/3w6ZrIB .

Chicago Police Sergeant Struck By Hit-And-Run Driver [Web Page].  Accessed 6-14-2021. Available at: https://chicago.cbslocal.com/2021/06/12/chicago-police-sergeant-hit-and-run/.

Congratulations to Chief Shawn Beane on his retirement from the Pingree Grove Police Department (as spotted on the Pingree Grove PD’s Facebook page)  Jeffrey Parsons is the new chief.

Connor will lead crime task force [“… Maj. Jeff Connor of the Madison County Sheriff’s Department was confirmed as commander of the new Cross-River Crime Task Force…”] [Web Page].  Accessed 6-14-2021. Available at: https://www.thetelegraph.com/news/article/Connor-will-lead-crime-task-force-16239750.php.

Cook County/Metra/FRA Trespasser-Suicide Prevention Conference (Sep 29 & 30, 2021)  [Thanks to George Graves for pointing this out.  I’ll post a link as soon as one becomes available]

ELGIN SEEKING APPLICANTS FOR COMMUNITY TASK FORCE ON POLICING [Scroll down to the article.  SLC] [Web Page].  Accessed 6-14-2021. Available at: https://kanecountyconnects.com/2021/06/elgin-seeking-applicants-for-community-task-force-on-policing/.

Fifty Years of Law Enforcement Honored in Oswego :

Oswego Police Chief Jeff Burgner and Deputy Chief Kevin Norwood were honored for 25 years each of service at the Oswego Village Board meeting [Web Page].  Accessed 6-14-2021. Available at: https://www.wspynews.com/news/local/fifty-years-of-law-enforcement-honored-in-oswego/article_0288693c-c9e6-11eb-bca4-c777e988a911.html.

From AELE. PUBLIC SAFETY DISCIPLINE and INTERNAL AFFAIRS SEMINAR September 27-30, 2021  [Just FYI.  The event will be held in person in Las Vegas, but will also be available on-demand.  Just FYI.  SLC] [Web Page].  Accessed 6-14-2021. Available at: https://forms.office.com/pages/responsepage.aspx?id=DQSIkWdsW0yxEjajBLZtrQAAAAAAAAAAAAO__Szj0oZUOUZIOVY0UUFLSENJTUE0VFRDQUE0NTBQOC4u

From Calibre Press. VIDEO: It All Happened So Fast! 2 Cops & a Suspect Shot in the Blink of an Eye [Web Page].  Accessed 6-14-2021. Available at: https://calibrepress.com/2021/06/video-it-all-happened-so-fast-2-cops-a-suspect-shot-in-an-eyeblink/.

From Lexipol. Stress Management in Public Safety: The Supervisor’s Role [Web Page].  Accessed 6-14-2021. Available at: https://www.lexipol.com/resources/blog/stress-management-in-public-safety-the-supervisors-role/.

From PoliceOne, via Lexipol. Managing the media when crisis hits your hometown [Web Page].  Accessed 6-14-2021. Available at: https://www.police1.com/media-relations/articles/managing-the-media-when-crisis-hits-your-hometown-WKFGLJsESliDU856/ .

From the Calibre Press Blog. 10 Ways You Can Help Your K9 Unit  [Web Page].  Accessed 6-14-2021. Available at: https://calibrepress.com/2021/06/10-ways-you-can-help-your-k9-unit/ .

From the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services. Bridging the Gap: Using Sports to Build Trust with Local Law Enforcement [Web Page].  Accessed 6-14-2021. Available at: https://cops.usdoj.gov/RIC/ric.php?page=detail&id=COPS-W0947 .

From the YourPoliceWrite blog. Challenge Yourself! [Just FYI.  Actually, I had thought it was a forsaken blog, so I was pleasantly surprised to see a new post!  SLC]  [Web Page].  Accessed 6-14-2021. Available at: https://yourpolicewrite.com/2021/06/14/challenge-yourself/ .

Greenville Police Department Officers Recognized For Life Saving Efforts [Web Page].  Accessed 6-14-2021. Available at: https://wgel.com/news/2021/06/gpd-officers-recognized-for-life-saving-efforts/ .

Illinois Creates New Commission To Fight Backlog Of Unprocessed DNA Evidence [Web Page].  Accessed 6-14-2021. Available at: https://chicago.cbslocal.com/2021/06/13/illinois-state-forensic-science-commission-dna-backlog/.

Naperville Police Chief Announces Retirement [Web Page].  Accessed 6-14-2021. Available at: https://www.wspynews.com/news/local/naperville-police-chief-announces-retirement/article_525e4064-c87c-11eb-a82e-cf13f6fc3f95.html.

On the AARP’s Perfect Scam Podcast. How a Dream Vacation House Evaporated : Melany Robinson loses almost $20k in an elaborate vacation rental scam [Considering the victim’s background, this story is a reminder that scams can happen to anyone.  The segment on ways to recognize a scam and avoid getting scammed is particularly useful  SLC] [Web Page].  Accessed 6-14-2021. Available at: https://www.aarp.org/podcasts/the-perfect-scam/info-2021/vacation-home-scam.html.

On the Cop Life Podcast. In Defense of A Third Person  [One of the letters to the podcaster tells about going through a basic academy during the pandemic, then the host reminds parents to insure that their children know when to do when they have a flat tire.  The response to the swimming pool call was brilliant!  He then goes on to analyze the Columbus, OH, shooting of a teen with a knife.  SLC] [Web Page].  Accessed 6-14-2021. Available at: http://www.coplifepodcast.com/episode40 .

On the Disaster Podcast. Police Response to 9-11 and Katrina with Joe Haggerty   [The guest and hosts reminisce about their experiences during these disasters.  The St. Bernard Parish (LA) law enforcement officers are singled out for praise: for remaining professional after losing everything    The introduction, about “landspout” tornadoes was also interesting. The guest currently trains officers to catch human traffickers. His explanation of how girls are ensnared into prostitution would be helpful in other contexts, too.  Here’s the link to his Amazon author’s page:  https://www.amazon.com/Joseph-B-Haggerty-Sr./e/B06X3VF8RS%3Fref=dbs_a_mng_rwt_scns_share   Just FYI.  SLC] [Web Page].  Accessed 6-14-2021. Available at: https://disasterpodcast.com/2021/06/police-response-to-9-11-and-katrina-with-joe-haggerty/.

On the Law Enforcement Today Podcast. Due to His Undercover Police Work, Threats to  Him and His Family Still Exist. [Guest Adam Wills worked for a comparatively small country agency, and one of the first thing he points out is that drug dealers, etc, have realized that those outlying departments have fewer resources to stop them.  In a small department, an officer will gain a lot of experience in a lot of areas. He is now nost of the “Law Enforcement Innovators” Podcast (https://psi.chat/), and runs “LEO to CEO,” to be a resource for officers to start and grow their poist-LE businesses. FYI.  SLC] [Web Page].  Accessed 6-14-2021. Available at: https://omny.fm/shows/law-enforcement-today/due-to-his-undercover-police-work-threats-to-him-a.

On the Policing Matters Podcast. Why PDs must open their doors to build community trust [Just FYI.  I gather you already know these things.  The discussion reminded me of the essay “Cops and Citizens” The guests’ use of social media, rather than mass media, to tell the PD’s stories, might be instructive.  SLC] [Web Page].  Accessed 6-14-2021. Available at: https://soundcloud.com/policingmatters/why-pds-must-open-their-doors-to-build-community-trust.

On the Quality Policing Podcast. Brandon Del Pozo talks about Washington Square Park, urban disorder, and arresting behavior.  [The park is in New York, but the insights could be applicable elsewhere.  The philosophy of “arrest” (for the word’s root means “Stop”) is eye-opening. Police can stop actions in a lot of ways not available to social workers. SLC] [Web Page].  Accessed 6-14-2021. Available at: https://qualitypolicing.com/qpp-49-brandon-del-pozo/  .

Piatt County board approves new sheriff [Web Page].  Accessed 6-14-2021. Available at: https://www.wandtv.com/news/piatt-county-board-approves-new-sheriff/article_ef5981f4-c961-11eb-9cfb-975efbee4b54.html.

Sick-Outs’ Had Police Officers Not Showing Up For Work This Week In Calumet Park, Harvey; Officials Say Labor Issues To Blame [Just FYI.  SLC] [Web Page].  Accessed 6-14-2021. Available at: https://chicago.cbslocal.com/2021/06/08/calumet-park-harvey-police-sick-outs/ .

Table of Contents : Crime & Delinquency- Volume: 67, Number: 9 (August 2021)  [Web Page].  Accessed 6-14-2021. Available at: https://journals.sagepub.com/toc/cadc/67/9 .

This Illinois city is eliminating its police department. What happens next? [Wenona, IL.  The Peoria Journal Star has the article behind a paywall.  I’m still looking for a free source.  SLC] [Web Page].  Accessed 6-14-2021. Available at: https://www.newsbreak.com/news/2277793977446/this-illinois-city-is-eliminating-its-police-department-what-happens-next.

Three New Yorkville Police Officers Sworn-In [Web Page].  Accessed 6-14-2021. Available at: https://www.wspynews.com/news/local/three-new-yorkville-police-officers-sworn-in/article_b1019b24-c869-11eb-814d-cf16f1a32831.html.

Today’s Salute to Service [Bond County Sheriff’s Department] Deputy Jose Rosado [The concept of these pieces could be applicable to other agencies.  SLC] [Web Page].  Accessed 6-14-2021. Available at: https://wgel.com/salute-to-service/2021/06/todays-salute-to-service-%ef%bb%bfdeputy-jose-rosado/.

Who Is Karol Chwiesiuk, CPD Officer Accused Of Storming U.S. Capitol? [I include this article as a reminder that the media is constantly watching public safety officers.  It might be useful as a case study.  SLC] [Web Page].  Accessed 6-14-2021. Available at: https://chicago.cbslocal.com/2021/06/11/who-is-chicago-police-officer-karol-chwiesiuk-charged-storming-us-capitol-riot-insurrection/.

Widow of fallen St. Louis officer starts foundation for children of fallen responders [Just FYI.  SLC] [Web Page].  Accessed 6-14-2021. Available at: https://www.wandtv.com/news/widow-of-fallen-st-louis-officer-starts-foundation-for-children-of-fallen-responders/article_d521a118-c998-11eb-9fce-2b2357517f72.html.


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