Local Police News: July 31, 2023

August 7, 2023

Former CPD official accuses top cop of retaliating against her after she headed investigation that led to his suspension [Web Page].  Accessed 7-31-2023. Available at: http://chicago.suntimes.com/2023/7/26/23809232/former-cpd-official-accuses-top-cop-retaliating-against-her-headed-investigation-led-suspension  

27 Rabid Bats Found In Illinois This Year: IDPH Warning =Just a reminder to be careful.  SLC] [Web Page].  Accessed 7-31-2023. Available at:  http://patch.com/illinois/across-il/27-rabid-bats-found-illinois-year-idph-warning?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=web&utm_campaign=share  

Alleged drunk driver arrested after crashing into Lake County sheriff’s squad, injuring prisoner in Waukegan [Web Page].  Accessed 7-31-2023. Available at: http://www.lakemchenryscanner.com/2023/07/29/alleged-drunk-driver-arrested-after-crashing-into-lake-county-sheriffs-squad-injuring-prisoner-in-waukegan/

Bolingbrook’s National Night Out – Wednesday, August 2nd [Web Page].  Accessed 7-31-2023. Available at: http://www.wjol.com/bolingbrooks-national-night-out-wednesday-august-2nd/

Chicago cop shot fellow officer while firing at fleeing car in Englewood, investigation finds [Web Page].  Accessed 7-31-2023. Available at: http://chicago.suntimes.com/crime/2023/7/27/23810685/chicago-cop-shot-fellow-officer-while-firing-at-fleeing-car-in-englewood-copa-says

Chicago first responders stage dramatic emergency drills on Chicago River [Web Page].  Accessed 7-31-2023. Available at: http://chicago.suntimes.com/news/2023/7/27/23809884/chicago-downtown-river-emergency-drill-police-fire

City of Galesburg names new deputy police chief [Kevin Legate] [Web Page].  Accessed 7-31-2023. Available at: http://www.kwqc.com/2023/07/26/city-galesburg-names-new-deputy-police-chief/ 

CPD SWAT team responds after door shot near Ogilvie Transportation Center  [Web Page].  Accessed 7-31-2023. Available at: http://chicago.suntimes.com/crime/2023/7/29/23812570/swat-team-ogilvie-transportation-center-chicago

First responders hold active shooter drills at Champaign school  [Web Page].  Accessed 7-31-2023. Available at: http://www.wcia.com/news/first-responders-hold-active-shooter-drills-at-champaign-school/                                                              

Gurnee police officer who responded to Woodfield Mall incident, Highland Park shooting awarded as Officer of Year [Web Page].  Accessed 7-31-2023. Available at: http://www.lakemchenryscanner.com/2023/07/30/gurnee-police-officer-who-responded-to-woodfield-mall-incident-highland-park-shooting-awarded-as-officer-of-year/  .

Illinois continues to be one of the worst states for vehicle thefts [Just FYI.  SLC] [Web Page].  Accessed 7-31-2023. Available at: http://www.wjol.com/illinois-continues-to-be-one-of-the-worst-states-for-vehicle-thefts/

Jack Reed, detective in Dianne Masters case who uncovered corruption in Cook County sheriff’s office, dies at 82 : His investigation into the death of Dianne Masters led to conspiracy charges against two colleagues and inspired a book and the TV crime drama, “Deadly Matrimony,” starring Brian Dennehy. [Web Page].  Accessed 7-31-2023. Available at: http://chicago.suntimes.com/obituaries/2023/7/31/23809151/jack-reed-detective-cook-county-sheriffs-office-obituary

Kendall County Sheriff’s Office announces Employee of the Quarter for second quarter, 2023 [Deputy Dan Briars ] [Web Page].  Accessed 7-31-2023. Available at: http://www.shawlocal.com/kendall-county-now/2023/07/21/kendall-county-sheriffs-office-announces-employee-of-the-quarter/

Lieutenant Kevin Legate named new deputy police chief of Galesburg [Web Page].  Accessed 7-31-2023. Available at: http://www.wqad.com/article/news/local/galesburg-deputy-police-chief/526-debb2553-4687-4d64-abce-56575592eca8

Man found shot in Waukegan after claiming to be pulled over by 2 police impersonators in Park City [Web Page].  Accessed 7-31-2023. Available at: http://www.lakemchenryscanner.com/2023/07/29/man-found-shot-in-waukegan-after-claiming-to-be-pulled-over-by-2-police-impersonators-in-park-city/

Montgomery Police Department celebrating National Night Out Aug. 1  [Web Page].  Accessed 7-31-2023. Available at: http://www.shawlocal.com/kendall-county-now/2023/07/28/montgomery-police-department-celebrating-national-night-out-aug-1/

Naperville Police Department taking applications for this fall’s Citizen Police Academy [Web Page].  Accessed 7-31-2023. Available at: http://www.nctv17.org/news/naperville-police-department-taking-applications-for-this-falls-citizen-police-academy/  

National Night Out events to take place across central Illinois [Web Page].  Accessed 7-31-2023. Available at: http://www.wandtv.com/community/national-night-out-events-to-take-place-across-central-illinois/article_e5534776-2fe4-11ee-9461-dbc00ace63ea.html

Officer transported to hospital after being hit by alleged drunk driver while assisting child in Lake Villa [Web Page].  Accessed 7-31-2023. Available at: http://www.lakemchenryscanner.com/2023/07/24/officer-transported-to-hospital-after-being-hit-by-alleged-drunk-driver-while-assisting-child-in-lake-villa/

Officers, firefighters, paramedics recognized for response to carnival accident that left boy critically injured in Antioch [Web Page].  Accessed 7-31-2023. Available at: http://www.lakemchenryscanner.com/2023/07/31/officers-firefighters-paramedics-recognized-for-response-to-carnival-accident-that-left-boy-critically-injured-in-antioch/

Organization will provide bulletproof vests to Chicago area police dogs  [Web Page].  Accessed 7-31-2023. Available at: http://omny.fm/shows/wbbmam-on-demand/organization-will-provide-bulletproof-vests-to-chi

Palos Park cop was supposed to be on vacation; Instead, he saved a life  [Web Page].  Accessed 7-31-2023. Available at: http://omny.fm/shows/wbbmam-on-demand/palos-park-cop-was-supposed-to-be-on-vacation-inst

Notes: WGN’s coverage:  http://wgntv.com/news/southwest-suburbs/palos-park-police-officer-saves-drowning-man-while-vacationing-in-arizona/

Peoria Police addressing road safety with gift card giveaway [Web Page].  Accessed 7-31-2023. Available at: https://www.centralillinoisproud.com/news/local-news/peoria-police-addressing-road-safety-with-gift-card-giveaway/

Police from across Kendall County recognized for efforts  [Web Page].  Accessed 7-31-2023. Available at: http://www.wspynews.com/news/local/police-from-across-kendall-county-recognized-for-efforts/article_2cbe4502-2d56-11ee-bef0-2b044afdd664.html

Rock Falls Police Department cracking down on speeders [Web Page].  Accessed 7-31-2023. Available at: http://www.wqad.com/article/news/local/speed-awareness-day-rock-falls-police-department-campaign/526-09fc24dd-52a3-48b2-a740-0456647b5b9b  .

Rockford Police And Fire Department to host free Safety Camp  [Web Page].  Accessed 7-31-2023. Available at: http://www.wrex.com/news/rockford-police-and-fire-department-to-host-free-safety-camp/article_4cce3f50-2a40-11ee-b55f-53c2f8ff894d.html

Salute To Service: Former Vandalia Chief of Police Larry Eason [Web Page].  Accessed 7-31-2023. Available at: http://wgel.com/salute-to-service/2023/07/salute-to-service-former-vandalia-chief-of-police-larry-eason/

Several dogs die from heat stroke when air conditioning fails in truck, NW Indiana authorities say  [Web Page].  Accessed 7-31-2023. Available at:  http://www.nbcchicago.com/news/local/lake-station-indiana-dogs-die-heat-stroke-exhaustion/3196470/  .

Notes: WLS’s coverage:  10 German shepherds die after overheating during drive from O’Hare to Michigan City http://abc7chicago.com/lake-station-police-in-indiana-german-shepherds/13565255/

The Sun-Time’s report:  8 dogs died from extreme heat in un-airconditioned drive from O’Hare to Indiana : A Humane Society official criticized the Lake Station, Ind., police for not cooperating with her investigation and letting the driver continue on with ‘several dogs dead on the scene, and multiple failing fast.’  http://chicago.suntimes.com/2023/7/30/23813293/dogs-died-ohare-airport-heat-humane-society-hobart-indiana-lake-station-police-unairconditioned-van

State Police Joins 11 States To Combat Speeding [Web Page].  Accessed 7-31-2023. Available at: http://www.wjol.com/state-police-joins-11-states-to-combat-speeding/  .

‘We have to work together’ | Geneseo Police Department raising awareness of mental health and substance abuse [Web Page].  Accessed 7-31-2023. Available at: http://www.wqad.com/article/news/local/geneseo-police-department-mental-health-substance-abuse/526-6bcb9bf2-3306-4522-8b49-0531dc02d62d

Wheaton Police Department Invites Community to August Neighborhood Roll Call Events  [Web Page].  Accessed 7-31-2023. Available at: http://www.newsbreak.com/wheaton-il/3102393979680-wheaton-police-department-invites-community-to-august-neighborhood-roll-call-events  .

Woman claims CPD officer sexually assaulted her at police station, COPA investigating [Web Page].  Accessed 7-31-2023. Available at: http://wgntv.com/news/chicago-news/woman-claims-cpd-officer-sexually-assaulted-her-at-police-station-copa-investigating/

‘Muddy’ the blue police dog statue stolen, CPD says [Web Page].  Accessed 7-31-2023. Available at: http://wgntv.com/news/chicagocrime/muddy-the-blue-police-dog-statue-stolen-cpd-says/

Notes: Follow-up:  Missing ‘Muddy’ the CPD police dog statue returned http://wgntv.com/news/chicago-news/missing-muddy-the-cpd-police-dog-statue-returned/

‘We can change an entire community:’ Champaign Co. Crime Stoppers recognizes community leaders [Web Page].  Accessed 7-31-2023. Available at: http://www.wcia.com/victory-over-violence/we-can-change-an-entire-community-champaign-co-crime-stoppers-recognizes-community-leaders/  .

Daily Herald — may require registration . Massive response to Grayslake North on Friday will be part of a training drill  [Web Page].  Accessed 7-31-2023. Available at:  http://www.dailyherald.com/news/20230726/massive-response-to-grayslake-north-on-friday-will-be-part-of-a-training-drill  

Daily Herald — may require registration . National Night Out at 40: Police and neighborhoods will celebrate together next week  [Web Page].  Accessed 7-31-2023. Available at: http://www.dailyherald.com/news/20230728/national-night-out-at-40-police-and-neighborhoods-will-celebrate-together-next-week  

Podcasts and Professional Development

Breaking Down Bail: What Its Abolishment Means for Illinois and the Potential Impact | Latino Voices [WTTW’s report.  Just FYI.  SLC] [Web Page].  Accessed 7-31-2023. Available at: http://news.wttw.com/2023/07/29/breaking-down-bail-what-its-abolishment-means-illinois-and-potential-impact  

Consultant recommends reduced prison capacity at Pontiac, closure of women’s lockup in Lincoln [Just FYI.  SLC] [Web Page].  Accessed 7-31-2023. Available at: http://www.25newsnow.com/2023/07/28/consultant-recommends-reduced-prison-capacity-pontiac-closure-womens-lockup-lincoln/

Margarito Flores, Chicago cocaine kingpin who helped bring down El Chapo, will teach cops how to catch drug traffickers : One of the notorious Flores twins is to lead a seminar at the Kane County sheriff’s office — “a rare chance for us to get into the mind of the people we are trying to find,” an official says. [Just FYI.  SLC] [Web Page].  Accessed 7-31-2023. Available at: http://chicago.suntimes.com/2023/7/26/23807136/chapo-margarito-flores-twins-teaches-cops-catch-drug-traffickers-kane-county-sheriff-sinaloa-cartel  

New Illinois law mandates two formerly incarcerated individuals are included in ICJIA [Web Page].  Accessed 7-31-2023. Available at: http://www.wmay.com/2023/07/30/new-illinois-law-mandates-two-formerly-incarcerated-individuals-are-included-in-icjia/

Abstract from the journal Police Quarterly. The “Police Personality”: Is it Real? [Web Page].  Accessed 7-31-2023. Available at: https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/full/10.1177/10986111231193032  .

From Ancel Glink’s Municipal Minute blog. Court Finds Criticism of Police Chief by Former Officer Not Actionable Under First Amendment =The case appears to be Wisconsin-based, but is still good to know about.  SLC] [Web Page].  Accessed 7-31-2023. Available at: http://municipalminute.ancelglink.com/2023/07/court-finds-criticism-of-police-chief.html  

From Calibre Press. Parkland SRO Found Not Guilty. What Cops Think About the Verdict. [Web Page].  Accessed 7-31-2023. Available at: http://calibrepress.com/2023/07/parkland-sro-found-not-guilty-what-cops-think-about-the-verdict/

NIJ Webinar. Cannabinoid Pharmacology: Three Decades of Controlled Human Cannabinoid Administration Studies : Tuesday, August 1, 2023 | 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM Eastern — Duration: 1 hour   [Sorry about the short notice.  After listening to the Game of Crimes episode, about cartel marijuana  fields, the topic looked like it might be of interest.  SLC] [Web Page].  Accessed 7-31-2023. Available at: http://forensiccoe.org/webinar-2023-cannabinoids-clinical-studies/

On the Game of Crime Podcast. John Nores and the Real Truth Behind the Cartels and Cannabis [The real results of marijuana trafficking, and the related crimes, is horrifying, and includes human trafficking and environmental crimes.  How Nores was persuaded to become a game warden  is a great example of why it’s important to be able to talk up your work.  SLC] [Web Page].  Accessed 7-31-2023. Available at: http://gameofcrimespodcast.com/john-nores-and-the-real-truth-behind-the-cartels-and-cannabis/

Notes: The guest’s appearance on teh Cops an dWriters Podcast:  On the Cops and Writers Podcast. California Gam Warden Lt. John Nores:  Warrior for the Thin Green Line [For our Conservation Police friends.  The guest is the author of; Hidden War: How Special Operations Game Wardens Are Reclaiming America’s Wildlands From The Drug Cartels, plus a couple of others.  The story about the injured cougar under the trailer would make a great longer story.  Also, his information about illegal marijuana farming, and the amount of damage the illegal pesticides and stolen water used is astonishing.  SLC] [Web Page].  Accessed 4-18-2022. Available at: http://www.copsandwriters.com/podcast-1/episode/7a36a9c9/063-california-game-warden-lieutenant-john-nores-warrior-for-the-thin-green-line

On the Inside the FBI Podcast. Defending Against AI Threats : On this episode of Inside the FBI, hear from Director Christopher Wray and the head of the FBI’s Cyber Division about the Bureau’s stance on artificial intelligence and our key priorities.  [The ways AI can be used to fool vigilant banks and corporations (and ordinary people, too), and the terrorist implications of its use are shocking!  SLC] [Web Page].  Accessed 7-31-2023. Available at: http://www.fbi.gov/news/podcasts/inside-the-fbi-defending-against-ai-threats

On the Justice Today Podcast. Progressing from Evidence to Action [The evidence referred to here is research evidence for evidence-based decision-making.  See what you think.  I was left thinking that researchers don’t think like police, or don’t know what police already know, and that is why their research is not implemented.  But, again, see what you think.  SLC] [Web Page].  Accessed 7-31-2023. Available at: http://justicetoday.buzzsprout.com/1861872/13263537-progressing-from-evidence-to-action  .

On the Law Enforcement Today Podcast. Shot Twice And His Unit In The NYPD Had To Shoot Polar Bears. [The retired lieutenant from the Emergency Services Unit also reminds listeners that the best way for police stories to be accurate is for them to tell them themselves.  SLC] [Web Page].  Accessed 7-31-2023. Available at: http://omny.fm/shows/law-enforcement-talk/shot-twice-and-he-was-a-supervisor-when-his-unit-I

On the Policing Matters Podcast. Can a children’s book inspire the next generation of police officers? [The author started out as a second-grade teacher, and not teaches at John Jay University,   Her purpose with the book is to build community trust with the police department, and to show that the police department is multicultural.  SLC] [Web Page].  Accessed 7-31-2023. Available at: http://policingmatters.podbean.com/e/can-a-children-s-book-inspire-the-next-generation-of-police-officers/

Notes: So far, no library admits to owning the book, but here is the link to the Amazon page for Twins in the City: Let’s Learn about Police Officers https://a.co/d/29u5NGa

(As an editorial comment, one story isn’t going to make policing inspiring any more than one angle of view can accurately show a three-dimensional object.  Many stories, in which first responders figure well, are necessary.  The NEMRT Library used to have a Worldcat list of police-related children’s books, but the list was lost in the platform’s conversion.  Maybe it is time to make a fresh list — and to produce some more such stories.  Start thinking about it!  SLC]

On the Street Cop Podcast. Being Mistreated and How To Move Forward with Bridget  Truxillo  [I’m still working through podcasts that might interest you, so some of these aren’t particularly new.  But the information is still useful.  This episode starts out talking about ways to handle department discrimination,  then wanders into chat.  SLC] [Web Page].  Accessed 7-31-2023. Available at: http://anchor.fm/street-cop-podcast/episodes/Episode-789-Being-Mistreated-and-How-To-Move-Forward-with-Bridget-Truxillo-e202b4f

On the Street Cop Podcast. The Courage to Do Hard Things with Col Kim Campbell [Her experiences as a fighter pilot, and how she was accepted, is informative, and not what I would have expected. 

 [Web Page].  Accessed 7-31-2023. Available at: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/street-cop-podcast/episodes/Episode-859-The-Courage-to-Do-Hard-Things-with-Col–Kim-Campbell-e2721ol

Notes: The guest’s book [Campbell Kim. Flying in the Face of Fear : A Fighter Pilot’s Lessons on Leading with Courage. Wiley 2023.  is available at these libraries:  https://worldcat.org/en/title/1356500904

Today’s Tip from Lexipol. Civilian Personnel in Law Enforcement  [Just a reminder of all the things non-sworn personnel are doing.  SLC] [Web Page].  Accessed 7-31-2023. Available at: http://www.lexipol.com/resources/todays-tips/civilian-personnel-in-law-enforcement/  

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