Local Police News for February 22, 2021

March 5, 2021
Believe What You See and Hear Podcast #7 (2-20-2021) featuring Prof. Michelle Furlow (Moraine Valley Community College) discussing law enforcement and social media (their discussion of how to incorporate Twitter into a college class, and their own experiences with social media, make good resources. SLC] [Web Page]. Accessed 2-22-2021. Available at: https://believewhatyouseeandhear.wordpress.com/.


Central Illinois village disbands police department [Washburn, IL. When I saw this notice on Facebook, it included a comment from one of the village’s residents, who was not impressed with the agency’s professionalism. The resident considered some of the reasons for disbanding to be excuses. Just FYI. SLC] [Web Page]. Accessed 2-22-2021. Available at: https://wsiltv.com/2021/02/16/central-illinois-village-disbands-police-department/#.YC0f010KIDI.twitter .


Chicago Tribune syndicate — may require registration. Man charged in Chicago carjacking after SWAT standoff and arrest at Villa Park motel

[Web Page]. Accessed 2-22-2021. Available at: https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/breaking/ct-carjacking-villa-park-swat-charges-20210222-c5od3zvtobcpfky43nxfxmnhfa-story.html#ed=rss_www.chicagotribune.com/arcio/rss/category/news/.


Crime & Delinquency- Volume: 67, Number: 4 (May 2021) Table of Contents [Web Page]. Accessed 2-22-2021. Available at: https://journals.sagepub.com/toc/cadc/67/4.


Daily Herald — may require registration . Palatine police planning beat restructuring this year [Web Page]. Accessed 2-22-2021. Available at: http://www.dailyherald.com/news/20210220/palatine-police-planning-beat-restructuring-this-year.


Freeport lawmaker files bill to increase protection for police against hate crimes [Web Page]. Accessed 2-22-2021. Available at: https://wrex.com/2021/02/22/freeport-lawmaker-files-bill-to-increase-protection-for-police-against-hate-crimes/#.YDR1PNku6q8.twitter .


From the Injustice Watch blog. Jury trials are disappearing. Here’s why [The fact of the research, and its findings, are interesting. SLC] [Web Page]. Accessed 2-22-2021. Available at: https://www.injusticewatch.org/news/2021/disappearing-jury-trials-study/.


From the Municipal Minute blog (Ancel Glink). PAC Issues Binding Opinion on Juvenile Victim Records [Web Page]. Accessed 2-22-2021. Available at: http://municipalminute.ancelglink.com/2021/02/pac-issues-binding-opinion-on-juvenile.html?spref=tw .


HB 3653: What’s Included in the Bill Being Signed Into Law Monday ]Just FYI. SLC] [Web Page]. Accessed 2-22-2021. Available at: https://www.nbcchicago.com/news/local/chicago-politics/hb-3653-whats-included-in-the-bill-being-signed-into-law-monday/2444159/.


Homewood’s Police Chief William Alcott retires, Deputy Chief Denise McGrath promoted to chief [Web Page]. Accessed 2-22-2021. Available at: https://hfchronicle.com/article/2021/feb/18/homewoods-police-chief-william-alcott-retires-deputy-chief-denise-mcgrath .


Inmate charged with murder after Indiana State Prison guard killed in stabbing [Indiana, but something to keep in mind. SLC] [Web Page]. Accessed 2-22-2021. Available at: https://wgntv.com/news/inmate-charged-with-murder-after-indiana-state-prison-guard-killed-in-stabbing/.


ISP investigating officer involved shooting in southern Illinois [“Illinois State Police is investigating a shooting into an officer involved shooting that took place on February 21, 2021 by request of the Hardin and Pope County Sheriff’s Departments.”] [Web Page]. Accessed 2-22-2021. Available at: https://www.wandtv.com/news/isp-investigating-officer-involved-shooting-in-southern-illinois/article_665cd354-74ae-11eb-b1de-3b9991a33fd2.html.


ISP Trooper In A Coma After Being Hit While Assisting With An Accident On I-55 Near Joliet [Web Page]. Accessed 2-22-2021. Available at: https://cbsloc.al/3aGlk9z#.YDRW1e90lUo.twitter .


Lexipol Announces Free Police Reform Webinar Series [“…The series will consist of three webinars that focus on central reform topics – use of force, crisis response and officer training – featuring subject matter experts Chief (Ret.) Michael Ranalli and Laura Scarry, partner with DeAno & Scarry in Chicago.” The sessions start March 4. SLC] [Web Page]. Accessed 2-22-2021. Available at: https://www.lexipol.com/resources/blog/lexipol-announces-free-police-reform-webinar-series/.


Malec Named Permanent Police Chief of Joliet [Web Page]. Accessed 2-22-2021. Available at: https://www.wjol.com/malec-named-permanent-police-chief-of-joliet/.


New Harper College police chief sworn in [Congratulations John Lawson!] [Web Page]. Accessed 2-9-2021. Available at: https://www.dailyherald.com/entlife/20210121/new-harper-college-police-chief-sworn-in .


OJP Grant Application Resource Guide [Updated for 2021] [Web Page]. Accessed 2-22-2021. Available at: https://www.ojp.gov/funding/apply/ojp-grant-application-resource-guide.


On the Badge Boys Podcast. Ep. 107 From grieving his father’s unsolved murder to giving other families hope of justice with Project Cold Case [THe first half describes how the guest started sharing information on cold homicide cases, The resource might be helpful to know about. After that, the political rant start. SLC] [Web Page]. Accessed 2-22-2021. Available at: https://starworldwidenetworks.com/episodes/from-grieving-his-fathers-unsolved-murder-to-giving-other-families-hope-of-justice-with-project-cold-case.


On the Disaster Podcast. Mental Health Resilience in the Face of PTSD and other Stress Injury [Dr. Norman Itkowitz talks about the differences and similarities between first responder PTSD (related to accumulated stressors) and that of veterans. The stressors are different, but the symptions are similar. The discussion of dealing with “freezing” impressed me. SLC] [Web Page]. Accessed 2-22-2021. Available at: https://disasterpodcast.com/2021/02/mental-health-resilience-in-the-face-of-ptsd-and-other-stress-injury/ .


Peoria police officer injured after losing control, running into McDonald’s [Web Page]. Accessed 2-22-2021. Available at: https://www.wandtv.com/news/peoria-police-officer-injured-after-losing-control-running-into-mcdonalds/article_e2369c44-7134-11eb-9055-e3a5e7eb7e21.html.


Plans In Place To Prevent Staff Shortage for Oswego Police Department [Web Page]. Accessed 2-22-2021. Available at: https://www.wspynews.com/news/local/plans-in-place-to-prevent-staff-shortage-for-oswego-police-department/article_4a592de8-7124-11eb-8a6c-5bfef58c19ea.html.


Pritzker debunks myths of Illinois criminal justice reform bill [See what you think. Just FYI. SLC] [Web Page]. Accessed 2-22-2021. Available at: https://www.wcia.com/news/pritzker-debunks-myths-of-illinois-criminal-justice-reform-bill/ .


Pritzker signs sweeping police reform, criminal justice bill, despite opposition from law enforcement [Web Page]. Accessed 2-22-2021. Available at: https://abc7chicago.com/pritzker-signs-police-reform-bill/10361126/.


Sheriff’s Department Sees Success with Smart Phone Application Launch [Kendall Co.] [Web Page]. Accessed 2-22-2021. Available at: https://www.wspynews.com/news/local/sheriffs-department-sees-success-with-smart-phone-application-launch/article_0ae81260-751f-11eb-9c74-3ba41e53e536.html?utm_medium.


Sullivan Police K9 passes away from pre-existing health condition [The dog had just started training. Just FYI. SLC] [Web Page]. Accessed 2-22-2021. Available at: https://www.wcia.com/news/sullivan-police-k9-passes-away-from-pre-existing-health-condition/.


University of Illinois Police Department adds new position ]”Director of Community Development and Engagement” is the new position. SLC] [Web Page]. Accessed 2-22-2021. Available at: https://www.wcia.com/news/a-new-position-has-been-added-to-the-university-of-illinois-police-department/.


Via Law Enforcement Training Advisory Commission, MTU #10 Not an endorsement but an event you might want to know about. Preventing Targeted Violence in Faith Communities: A Behavior-Based Approach (Free Zoom presentation on March 2, 1:00-3:30 PM) [Web Page]. Accessed 2-22-2021. Available at: https://letac.org/images/filelibrary/file_311_1-08021051.pdf.


We hear from George Graves that AELE has posted information on its 2021 Use of Force Seminar, May 3-6, in Las Vegas and online. FYI. [Web Page]. Accessed 2-22-2021. Available at: http://www.aele.org/uploads/1/3/1/9/131957426/aele_–_2021_force_flyer.pdf.


With search on for new Mokena police chief, familiar face at helm [Web Page]. Accessed 2-22-2021. Available at: https://www.nwitimes.com/news/local/illinois/with-search-on-for-new-mokena-police-chief-familiar-face-at-helm/article_90a16d8e-7f7a-5661-8f81-a7c6b964370d.html.

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