Local Police News: April 3, 2023

April 4, 2023

3 sheriff’s deputies hailed for helping save man who tried to harm himself by running in front of cars in Beach Park [Web Page].  Accessed 4-3-2023. Available at: https://www.lakemchenryscanner.com/2023/03/29/3-sheriffs-deputies-hailed-for-helping-save-man-who-tried-to-harm-himself-by-running-in-front-of-cars-in-beach-park

3 suspects charged with stealing, altering and cashing checks belonging to elderly man near Antioch [Another news source had reported this crime as a throwback:  names and amounts were eradicated from checks, and the return of such an old-style crime had been surprising.  SLC] [Web Page].  Accessed 4-3-2023. Available at: https://www.lakemchenryscanner.com/2023/03/27/3-suspects-charged-with-stealing-altering-and-cashing-checks-belonging-to-elderly-man-near-antioch/

Aurora Police Department warns of sextortion scams [Web Page].  Accessed 4-3-2023. Available at: https://www.wspynews.com/news/local/aurora-police-department-warns-of-sextortion-scams/article_089df1d2-ce2d-11ed-965a-939299d6514a.html

Authorities share details of officer-involved shooting in Decatur  [Web Page].  Accessed 4-3-2023. Available at: https://herald-review.com/news/local/crime-and-courts/authorities-share-details-of-officer-involved-shooting-in-decatur/article_e80f3ada-cf16-11ed-95a2-c3f280589975.html

Belvidere first responders, residents praised after tornado: ‘Lives were saved’  [Web Page].  Accessed 4-3-2023. Available at: https://www.audacy.com/wbbm780/news/local/belvidere-first-responders-residents-praised-after-tornado

Bolingbrook Police Bloodhound Team Graduates From Training [Web Page].  Accessed 4-3-2023. Available at: https://patch.com/illinois/bolingbrook/bolingbrook-police-bloodhound-team-graduates-training

Chicago police officer charged with sexually abusing teen at Harlem Irving Plaza : The officer was relieved of his police powers Wednesday – four days after the alleged incident, according to prosecutors and police. [Web Page].  Accessed 4-3-2023. Available at: https://chicago.suntimes.com/crime/2023/3/31/23665448/chicago-police-officer-charged-sexually-abusing-teen-harlem-irving-plaza

Community policing key to rebuilding public trust in police, former police chief says [Former Seattle police chief.  Just FYI.  SLC.] [Web Page].  Accessed 4-3-2023. Available at: https://www.audacy.com/wbbm780/news/local/community-policing-key-to-rebuilding-public-trust-in-police

Notes: Related to the Seattle Police Department:  https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/justice-department-announces-significant-milestone-policing-reform-efforts-city-seattle-and

Daily Herald — may require registration . Former Catholic priest turned Mount Prospect Police Department sergeant, Mike Angarola is now top student at UIC Law School, preparing for summer gig at Kirkland Ellis  [Web Page].  Accessed 4-3-2023. Available at: https://www.dailyherald.com/news/20230403/he-was-a-priest-then-he-became-a-cop-now-hes-at-the-head-of-the-class-in-law-school

Daily Herald — may require registration . Mount Prospect candidates weigh in on a possible new police patch  [I’m still looking for a non-paywall report.  SLC] [Web Page].  Accessed 4-3-2023. Available at: https://www.dailyherald.com/news/20230329/mount-prospect-trustee-candidates-weigh-in-on-possible-new-police-patch  

Daily Herald — may require registration . Wheaton police to ‘Stuff the Squad’ with donations for Milton Township Food Pantry [Web Page].  Accessed 4-3-2023. Available at: https://www.dailyherald.com/news/20230329/wheaton-police-to-stuff-the-squad-with-donations-for-milton-township-food-pantry

Daily Herald — may require registration . Why Mundelein police are donating 28 bikes to charitable group  [Web Page].  Accessed 4-3-2023. Available at: https://www.dailyherald.com/news/20230328/why-mundelein-police-are-donating-28-bicycles-to-charitable-group

Death Of Batavia Police Officer Leads To GoFundMe For Wife, 2 Kids [“Batavia police are mourning the death of Officer Joe Gudella, who died unexpectedly Monday, officials said.”] [Web Page].  Accessed 4-3-2023. Available at: https://patch.com/illinois/batavia/death-batavia-police-officer-leads-gofundme-wife-2-kids

FDA Approves Over-The-Counter Narcan. Here’s What It Means  [Just FYI.  SLC] [Web Page].  Accessed 4-3-2023. Available at: https://www.nbcchicago.com/news/national-international/fda-approves-over-the-counter-narcan-heres-what-it-means/3106500/

Feds warn about ‘sharp increase’ in fentanyl being mixed with animal tranquilizer [Just FYI.  SLC] [Web Page].  Accessed 4-3-2023. Available at: https://www.lakemchenryscanner.com/2023/03/30/feds-warn-about-sharp-increase-in-fentanyl-being-mixed-with-animal-tranquilizer/

Homewood-Flossmoor Chronicle — May require registration. Flossmoor trustees welcome new police chief Jerel Jones [Web Page].  Accessed 4-3-2023. Available at: https://www.hfchronicle.com/2023/03/29/flossmoor-trustees-welcome-new-police-chief-jerel-jones

Illinois bill would bar police from searching vehicles over marijuana odor [Web Page].  Accessed 4-3-2023. Available at: https://www.fox32chicago.com/news/illinois-bill-bar-police-searching-vehicles-marijuana-odor

Illinois bill would let non-citizens become police officers [Web Page].  Accessed 4-3-2023. Available at: https://wgntv.com/news/illinois/illinois-considers-letting-non-citizens-become-police-officers

ISP remembers trooper who was killed by drunk driver while saving a family on I-94 near Libertyville [Web Page].  Accessed 4-3-2023. Available at: https://www.lakemchenryscanner.com/2023/03/30/isp-remembers-trooper-who-was-killed-by-drunk-driver-while-saving-a-family-on-i-94-near-libertyville/

NCIS, rescue canines join search in Waukegan for missing Navy sailor [Web Page].  Accessed 4-3-2023. Available at: https://wgntv.com/waukegan/ncis-rescue-canines-join-search-in-waukegan-for-missing-navy-sailor/

Oldest police officer in Arkansas retires at 93 [Not Illinois, but a grand story!  Thanks to Dan McCollum for pointing it out!  SLC] [Web Page].  Accessed 4-3-2023. Available at: https://www.ksn.com/news/don’t-miss-this/oldest-police-officer-in-arkansas-retires-at-93

One of Nashville police officers credited with stopping mass shooter has Chicago roots [Rex Engelbert] [Web Page].  Accessed 4-3-2023. Available at: https://www.audacy.com/wbbm780/news/local/nashville-officer-rex-engelbert-was-born-raised-in-chicago

Plano Police Department gets city council approval for purchase of body-worn cameras [Web Page].  Accessed 4-3-2023. Available at: https://www.wspynews.com/news/local/plano-police-department-gets-city-council-approval-for-purchase-of-body-worn-cameras/article_24467884-d227-11ed-993d-1f7cd035e931.html

Police officer kicked in the head during arrest of drunk driver in Winthrop Harbor [Web Page].  Accessed 4-3-2023. Available at: https://www.lakemchenryscanner.com/2023/04/02/police-officer-kicked-in-the-head-during-arrest-of-drunk-driver-in-winthrop-harbor/

Remains found in central Illinois storage unit identified as former police chief [Web Page].  Accessed 4-3-2023. Available at: https://wgntv.com/news/illinois/remains-found-in-central-illinois-storage-unit-identified-as-former-police-chief/

Notes: As reported earlier:  Community members attend candlelight vigil for former Maquon police chief [“Community members, family and friends gathered on Friday night at a candlelight vigil to remember Richard “Rick” Young, the former Maquon police chief…  Friday, Oct. 7, 2022 Knox County deputies responded to the Maquon storage unit after complaints of a suspicious smell. ”  This is ot the sort of thing one expects to happen to a former police chief.  SLC] [Web Page].  Accessed 2-27-2023. Available at: https://www.wqad.com/article/news/local/community-members-attend-candlelight-vigil-former-maquon-police-chief-richard-young-marcy-oglesby/526-e01db332-a2e4-4d26-9629-3a5351a5bca2

Sandwich City Council approves police department purchase of body-worn and squad car cameras [Web Page].  Accessed 4-3-2023. Available at: https://www.shawlocal.com/kendall-county-now/2023/03/27/sandwich-city-council-approves-police-department-purchase-of-body-worn-and-squad-car-cameras/

Search for new Sandwich Police Chief to begin Monday [I am so naughty:  my first thought upon seeing this headline was of all the times I’ve gotten lost on rural roads in that area.  SLC] [Web Page].  Accessed 4-3-2023. Available at: https://www.wspynews.com/news/local/search-for-new-sandwich-police-chief-to-begin-monday/article_27f7779c-d21a-11ed-b13d-1f947852b61c.html

Springfield Police conducting crisis training at high school, people may hear ‘gunfire’  [Web Page].  Accessed 4-3-2023. Available at: https://www.wcia.com/news/springfield-police-conducting-crisis-training-at-high-school-people-may-hear-gunfire/

Zion police sergeant arrested for domestic abuse incident involving wife while off-duty [Web Page].  Accessed 4-3-2023. Available at: https://www.lakemchenryscanner.com/2023/04/01/zion-police-sergeant-arrested-for-domestic-abuse-incident-involving-wife-while-off-duty  .

‘Laughing But Serious’ event raises money to help first responders manage effects of stress  [Web Page].  Accessed 4-3-2023. Available at: https://chicago.suntimes.com/2023/4/2/23667569/laughing-but-serious-event-raises-money-help-first-responders-cope-with-trauma  

Via the SCCJA Trending Topics and the This is Criminal Podcast. An Impossible Crime [“Daniel Taylor was 17 years old when he was arrested for a 1992 double homicide in Chicago. But Daniel had an alibi. He was in jail at the time of the murders.” [His story starts with his experiences in foster care, which are also disturbing.  The way the documentation that he was in jail at the time was dismissed as sloppy paperwork alarmed me, as did the jury’s rejection of that evidence.  SLC] [Web Page].  Accessed 4-3-2023. Available at: https://thisiscriminal.com/episode-208-an-impossible-crime-2-24-2023/

Notes: Part 2:  https://thisiscriminal.com/episode-209-an-impossible-crime-part-2-3-3-2023/ [“This episode continues where Episode 208 leaves off. In 2001, Daniel Taylor wrote a letter from prison to a reporter at the Chicago Tribune named Steve Mills. Steve Mills spent months investigating before publishing a detailed examination of Daniel’s case as part of a series called “Cops and Confessions.” Daniel told us, “To have someone finally say that they believed me changed my whole life.” “]

Podcasts and Professional Development

From Calibre Press. How Not to Get Shot by the Police [FYI.  SLC] [Web Page].  Accessed 4-3-2023. Available at: https://calibrepress.com/2023/04/how-not-to-get-shot-by-the-police/  .

From Calibre Press. Make No Mistakes [Dragnet still has valid knowledge to relay to current police officers.  SLC] [Web Page].  Accessed 4-3-2023. Available at: https://calibrepress.com/2023/03/make-no-mistakes/  .

On the Badge Boys Podcast. Ret. Investigative Reporter Mike Watkiss shares his interactions with the Night Stalker serial killer and on many others in the news  [Much of the interview is about his investigative reports on a polygamous cult that has been kidnapping young women.  SLC] [Web Page].  Accessed 4-3-2023. Available at: https://starworldwidenetworks.com/episodes/ret-investigative-reporter-mike-watkiss-shares-his-interactions-with-the-night-stalker-serial-killer-and-on-many-others-in-the-news  .

On the Game of Crime Podcast. Vince Pankoke Investigates the Betrayal of Anne Frank : Vince Pankoke led a multi-year effort to solve one of the enduring mysteries of all time – who betrayed Anne Frank If you are interested in the investigation of cold cases, I thought this interview might interest you.  The description of the Johnstown, PA, flood of 1977 might also interest you.  The pre-interview chat runs about 17:30 min, As usual, the real discussion of the main topic is in Pt. 2, but about halfway through Pt 1, the interview focuses on the investigation of the 2001 terrorist attack   The actual discussion of the cold case investigation is breathtaking!  It also brings out the difference between how a scholar studies history and how an investigator approaches it.  Scholars are far too trusting.  Between us, they should be:  I’ve found mistakes in biographies that had been repeated from earlier erring sources that were not primary sources. This is the most interesting Game of Crimes interview I’ve heard yet!  SLC] [Web Page].  Accessed 4-3-2023. Available at: https://gameofcrimespodcast.com/vince-pankoke-investigates-the-betrayal-of-anne-frank/  .

Notes: The Book, The Betrayal of Anne Frank, is available at these libraries:  https://worldcat.org/en/title/1286842481

On the Law Enforcement Today Podcast. Surviving Trauma and the Reality of Policing, a Shooting, PTSD, Alcohol Abuse and a DUI Arrest.  [The DUI arrest was his own.  Alcohol had become his self-medication for dealing with job stress.  SLC] [Web Page].  Accessed 4-3-2023. Available at: https://omny.fm/shows/law-enforcement-today/trauma-as-a-cop-and-a-shooting-led-to-ptsd-alcohol  .

On the Law Enforcement Today Podcast. Three Police Officers Abducted and Murdered. Stain On Georgia History. Special Episode. [Web Page].  Accessed 4-3-2023. Available at: https://omny.fm/shows/law-enforcement-today/three-police-officers-murdered-after-abduction-a-s  .

On the Policing Matters Podcast. How the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Office built an award-winning officer wellness program [The a la carte, outsourced, and incentivized approach is hard to budget for, apparently, but the agency found it effective.  SLC] [Web Page].  Accessed 4-3-2023. Available at: https://policingmatters.podbean.com/e/how-the-stanislaus-county-sheriff-s-office-built-an-award-winning-officer-wellness-program/  .

On the Quality Policing Podcast. Rene Ropac and NY bail reform [New York ,but the topic could become important soon.  SLC] [Web Page].  Accessed 4-3-2023. Available at: https://www.spreaker.com/user/qualitypolicing/qpp-57-rene-ropac  .

Notes: Report summary:  https://datacollaborativeforjustice.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/RecidivismReportSummary-1-1.pdf . Full Report linked here:  https://datacollaborativeforjustice.org/

Recent Officer.com Podcasts [I haven’t listened to them yet, but thought you might want to take a look at them. SLC] [Web Page].  Accessed 4-3-2023. Available at: https://officer-rollcall.podbean.com/   .

Today’s Tip from Lexipol. Changing Law Enforcement Wellness Culture [Be Proactive] [Web Page].  Accessed 4-3-2023. Available at: https://www.lexipol.com/resources/todays-tips/changing-law-enforcement-wellness-culture/   .

Via the SCCJA Trending Topics, and Police and Security News. National Firearms Commerce and Trafficking Assessment (NFCTA) – Crime Gun Intelligence and Analysis – Volume 2 [Web Page].  Accessed 4-3-2023. Available at: https://policeandsecuritynews.com/2023/04/03/national-firearms-commerce-and-trafficking-assessment-nfcta-crime-gun-intelligence-and-analysis-volume-2/  .

Via the SCCJA Trending Topics, and Police1. FBI documents give new view into mindset of Las Vegas mass shooter  [Web Page].  Accessed 4-3-2023. Available at: https://www.police1.com/investigations/articles/fbi-documents-give-new-view-into-mindset-of-las-vegas-mass-shooter-PKcEaoOXzLJskRI5/   .

Via the SCCJA Trending Topics and the FBI. FBI Releases Update to Use-of-Force Data from 2022 [Web Page].  Accessed 4-3-2023. Available at: https://le.fbi.gov/cjis-division/cjis-link/fbi-releases-update-to-use-of-force-data-from-2022  .

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