Local Police News: May 2, 2022

May 3, 2022

Illinois Sheriff’s Deputy Killed In Line Of Duty  [Here’s the first article to appear about Dep. Weist] [Web Page].  Accessed 5-2-222. Available at: https://www.wmay.com/2022/04/29/illinois-sheriffs-deputy-killed-in-line-of-duty/    Notes: Here’s the posting from Officer Down Memorial Page:  https://www.odmp.org/officer/26158-deputy-sheriff-nicholas-d-weist

From Officer.com. Ill. Sheriff’s Deputy Fatally Struck by Fleeing Suspect  [“Knox County Sheriff’s Deputy Nicholas D. Weist, 34, was setting spike strips when he was struck and killed by a suspect with active warrants who was pursued by police.”[ [Web Page].  Accessed 5-2-2022. Available at: www.officer.com/features/honoring-the-fallen/video/21266139/ill-sheriffs-deputy-fatally-struck-by-fleeing-suspect .

Funeral services set for fallen Deputy Nicholas Weist, who leaves behind wife, 2 children  [Web Page].  Accessed 5-2-222. Available at: https://www.pjstar.com/story/news/local/2022/05/02/public-memorial-service-planned-knox-county-deputy-nicholas-weist/9618488002/  .

Notes: The memorial service will be held on May 7 at Galesburg High School, at 2:00 PM.  Here’s the link to his obituary: https://www.dennisonfuneralhome.com/obituary/NicholasNick-Weist

Honor Guard holds 24-hour vigil for fallen Chicago police officers at memorial near Soldier Field [Web Page].  Accessed 5-2-222. Available at: https://abc7chicago.com/soldier-field-events-chicago-police-gold-star-family/11804112/ .

Honoring the fallen: CPD, families of slain officers attend first in-person memorial march in three years  [Web Page].  Accessed 5-2-222. Available at: https://www.audacy.com/wbbm780/news/local/cpd-families-of-slain-officers-attend-memorial-march  .

Charges filed against man who was shot by sheriff’s deputies after pointing rifle at them near Harvard [Web Page].  Accessed 5-2-2022. Available at: https://www.lakemchenryscanner.com/2022/04/28/charges-filed-against-man-who-was-shot-by-sheriffs-deputies-after-pointing-rifle-at-them-near-harvard/  .

CPD launching web series to highlight cold case murders [Web Page].  Accessed 5-2-2022. Available at: https://wgntv.com/news/chicagocrime/cpd-launching-web-series-to-highlight-cold-case-murders/  .

Ex-Attorney Accused Of Stealing Ambulance And Leading Police On 80 Mile Chase On I-55 [The wording of the headline surprised  me.  SLC] [Web Page].  Accessed 5-2-2022. Available at: https://www.wjol.com/man-charged-with-stealing-cfd-ambulance-after-80-mile-police-pursuit-upd/  .

Mundelein Police Canine Titan retires at age 8 following almost 7 years of service [Web Page].  Accessed 5-2-2022. Available at: https://www.lakemchenryscanner.com/2022/04/29/mundelein-police-canine-titan-retires-at-age-8-following-almost-7-years-of-service/  .

Off-duty officer, suspect exchange fire during catalytic converter theft on NW Side; no injuries reported [Web Page].  Accessed 5-2-2022. Available at: https://wgntv.com/news/chicagocrime/off-duty-officer-suspect-exchange-fire-during-catalytic-converter-theft-on-nw-side-no-injuries-reported/  .

Oswego Police Department holding free shredding event [Web Page].  Accessed 5-2-2022. Available at:  https://www.wspynews.com/news/local/oswego-police-department-holding-free-shredding-event/article_5932044e-c7b7-11ec-876e-6f8359af7343.html  .

Police Chiefs Object To Shifting 911 Funds To Mental Health Hotline  [Web Page].  Accessed 5-2-2022. Available at: https://www.wmay.com/2022/04/30/police-chiefs-object-to-shifting-911-funds-to-mental-health-hotline/  .

Police: Off-duty Waukegan officer shoots, kills husband [Web Page].  Accessed 5-2-2022. Available at: https://wgntv.com/news/police-off-duty-waukegan-officer-shoots-kills-husband/ .

Report: School Districts Turn To Police Citations For Student Discipline [Web Page].  Accessed 5-2-2022. Available at: https://www.wmay.com/2022/04/28/report-school-districts-turn-to-police-citations-for-student-discipline/ .

Skokie Set To Privatize School Crossing Guard Program [Web Page].  Accessed 5-2-2022. Available at: https://patch.com/illinois/skokie/skokie-set-privatize-school-crossing-guard-program  .

Chicago Tribune syndicate — may require registration. Mokena police will get new home in $15.9 million building [Web Page].  Accessed 5-2-2022. Available at: https://www.chicagotribune.com/suburbs/daily-southtown/ct-sta-mokena-new-police-station-st-0429-20220428-nevsf5q3pjhv5gnm2j56524jfu-story.html  .

From  American Police Beat . Where has the training gone? [The ILETSB gets some recognition, as does MTU #3 and MTU #16; but the one obvious and inexpensive training method, recommended by Gordon Graham, is to READ Books! https://www.worldcat.org/profiles/nemrtmtu3/lists  [Web Page].  Accessed 5-2-2022. Available at: http://disq.us/t/476jmwj .

From Ancel Glink’s Municipal Minute blog. IL Supreme Court Narrows Absolute Immunity for Injuries Resulting from Escaping Prisoners [Web Page].  Accessed 5-2-2022. Available at: http://municipalminute.ancelglink.com/2022/04/il-supreme-court-narrows-absolute.html  .

Students choose the names ‘Axel’ and ‘Echo’ for the Lake County Sheriff’s Office’s 2 newest canines  [Web Page].  Accessed 5-2-2022. Available at: https://www.lakemchenryscanner.com/2022/04/28/students-choose-the-names-axel-and-echo-for-the-lake-county-sheriffs-offices-2-newest-canines/  .

Two men die after jumping into river following police chase and carjacking on North Side [Web Page].  Accessed 5-2-2022. Available at: https://www.audacy.com/wbbm780/news/local/two-die-from-jumping-in-river-after-car-theft-police-chase  .

Yorkville police officer recognized for dedication to school program [School Resource Officer Ryan Goldsmith] [Web Page].  Accessed 5-2-2022. Available at: https://www.wspynews.com/news/local/yorkville-police-officer-recognized-for-dedication-to-school-program/article_19e64112-ca3a-11ec-8957-0f79a533f836.html  .

Podcasts and Professional Development

Webinar via the National Institute of Justice. Terrestrial LIDAR Scanners: Guidelines for Use in Criminal Justice Applications — Tuesday, May 3, 2022 | 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM Eastern — Duration: 1 hour [I’m sorry the notice is so short, but at least the recordings are generally available afterward.  SLC] [Web Page]. 5-2-2022. Available at: https://forensiccoe.org/terrestrial_lidar_scanners_criminal_justice/  .

On the Disaster Podcast. Disaster Blast Injury Clinical Review [The opening chat is about equipment sent to Ukraine, and serves as a reminder to make sure the recipients know how to use it, and that it’s the product they are expecting.  As for blast injuries, pressure is what causes most of the injuries, and don’t always show on the victim.  People are often deafened by blasts, so they may not hear rescuers. A lot of important information I had never heard before!  SLC] [Web Page].  Accessed 5-2-2022. Available at: https://disasterpodcast.com/2022/04/disaster-blast-injury-clinical-review/  .

On the Law Enforcement Today Podcast. Paralyzed As A Teen – Living An Inspired Life [Guest Brian P. Swift, “The Quadfather” tells his story. He is from Burbank, IL, and, although the story itself isn’t law enforcement-related, it is an inspirational one. SLC] [Web Page].  Accessed 5-2-2022. Available at: https://omny.fm/shows/law-enforcement-today/paralyzed-as-a-teen-living-an-inspired-life  .

Notes: I couldn’t find any libraries with his book, but here’s its Amazon page: The Quadfather by Brian P. Swift https://www.amazon.com/dp/1732362173/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_dp_ZWW7DWNJT171BPCCWNC7

On the Law Enforcement Today Podcast. A Trauma Kit That This Cop Made Saved The Life of a Shooting Victim [This kit should be familiar to Illinois officers:  it’s his “Go” bag, with trauma-related first aid tools in it.  SLC] [Web Page].  Accessed 5-2-2022. Available at: https://omny.fm/shows/law-enforcement-today/special-training-and-a-trauma-kit-that-this-cop-ma  .

On the Policing Matters Podcast. Predicting the future of policing [The guest’s book is more about how police can change the public understanding and attitudes about law enforcement.  SLC] [Web Page].  Accessed 5-2-2022. Available at: https://policingmatters.podbean.com/e/predicting-the-future-of-policing/ .

Notes: These libraries have the book  Cunningham, Scott A. The Future of Policing: 200 Recommendations to Enhance Policing and Community Safety, 2022. http://www.worldcat.org/oclc/1273426418

13-Year-Old running through Joplin for fallen officers [Not Illinois, but a nice story to know about!  SLC] [Web Page].  Accessed 5-2-2022. Available at: https://www.wcia.com/news/13-year-old-running-through-joplin-for-fallen-officers/.

Abstract from new article in /Police Practice and Research: An International Journal/. You can’t manage what you can’t measure: the importance of data in policing  [Just FYI.  SLC] [Web Page].  Accessed 5-2-2022. Available at: https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/15614263.2022.2066781?af=R .

Abstract from the Journal of Criminal Justice Education. Criminal Justice Students’ Perceptions of Their Future Careers [Just FYI.  The information could be helpful for recruitment purposes.  SLC] [Web Page].  Accessed 5-2-2022. Available at: https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/10511253.2022.2068631?af=R  .

Department of Justice Launches Law Enforcement Knowledge Lab : Resource Hub Designed to Support Constitutional Policing Practices [Web Page].  Accessed 5-2-2022. Available at: https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/department-justice-launches-law-enforcement-knowledge-lab  .

Notes: “The Department of Justice today announced the creation of the National Law Enforcement Knowledge Lab, a free training, technical assistance and resource hub for law enforcement, designed to promote constitutional policing, improve public safety and build trust in communities across the country. ”

From Lexipol. 5 Tenets for Customer Service Success in Public Safety [Just FYI.  SLC] [Web Page].  Accessed 5-2-2022. Available at: https://www.lexipol.com/resources/blog/5-tenets-for-customer-service-success-in-public-safety/  .

The Office of Justice Program’s Justice Today Podcast (list of episodes] [Web Page].  Accessed 5-2-2022. Available at: https://feeds.buzzsprout.com/1861872.rss

On the Art of Manliness Podcast. Getting Along Is Overrated [Disagreement is a key part of being human, and how people learn.  The guest talks about how important Disagreement is to society, how lack of disagreemnt has led to cultural polarization, and ways to disagree effectively.  His book  (Leslie, Ian. Conflicted: How Productive Disagreements Lead to Better Outcomes. , 2021) is available at these libraries:  http://www.worldcat.org/oclc/1202731204  [Web Page].  Accessed 5-2-2022. Available at: https://the-art-of-manliness.simplecast.com/episodes/getting-along-is-overrated-1cw2rCDF  .

And this one has nothing to do with law enforcement, but it’s such a charming story that it is worth passing on:  On the Criminal Podcast. The Magpie [The story of how an orphaned magpie brought joy to a Japanese internment camp in Wyoming during World War II] [Web Page].  Accessed 5-2-2022. Available at: https://thisiscriminal.com/episode-186-the-magpie-4-8-2022/ .

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