One-minute Delay in Responding to a Jail House Fight Does Not Violate the Constitution.

March 29, 2017

In Stevens v. Bukowski et al., a jail inmate alleged that the County Sheriff, Chief of Corrections, and certain correctional officers failed to protect him from an altercation with another inmate. He also alleged that the defendants were deliberately indifferent to his serious medical needs by delaying his medical treatment a matter of hours. U.S. District Court Judge Sue Myerscough found that undisputed facts demonstrated that there was only a one-minute delay once the fight broke out in the housing unit before correctional staff responded. This was insufficient to establish a claim for failure to protect. Moreover, Judge Myerscough held that the inmate suffered only a short delay in receiving medical treatment. He was taken to the emergency room within hours of the altercation and one hour after complaining of facial pain. Michael Condon and Anthony Becknek represented the defendants.

Stevens v. Bukowski

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