Court Rules that Nurse at County Jail Provided Adequate Medical Care to Inmate

June 8, 2020

In Weigand v. Harding, et al., Case No. 19-cv-2186, Judge Eric Long granted summary judgment in favor of a county jail nurse on a medical care claim. Plaintiff, a pretrial detainee, alleged that he did not receive adequate medical care at the county jail. Following an altercation with another inmate, Plaintiff sought medical care for facial injuries. The jail nurse treated by cleaning his wounds and providing him with antibiotic ointment and an ice pack. She explained to Plaintiff that further treatment was unnecessary at that time and did not appear to be medically called for. Plaintiff disagreed and sought additional treatment in the following days. Each time, his requests for a tetanus shot and STD screening were denied, since the facial wounds healed without complications and there were no indications of tetanus or other infections. The Court ruled that these facts demonstrated that the nurse acted reasonably to Plaintiff’s medical needs, and that the evidence just showed that Plaintiff simply disagreed with the nurse’s diagnosis and treatment. Disagreement with medical staff is insufficient to show liability and, thus, the Court granted summary judgment in the nurse’s favor. The Defendant was represented by Michael Condon and André Sutton.

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