Court Grants Summary Judgment for Defendants in First Amendment Retaliation Case

September 26, 2017

Summary judgment was granted in the Kankakee County Defendants’ favor in Gilmore v. Briseno, Case No. 15 C 2963 (C. D. Ill. Aug. 28, 2017). Christopher Gilmore filed suit against the Kankakee County jail staff, alleging that they illegally denied him access to a law library and legal resources in retaliation for a suit Gilmore filed against Cook County. District Court Judge Joan Lefkow found that Gilmore failed to present any evidence that the Kankakee County jail staff knew about his suit against Cook County or any evidence that knowledge of the suit motivated the staff to deny him access to legal resources. Judge Lefkow further found that Gilmore failed to present evidence that he deprived of legal resources or the law library and therefore granted summary judgment in Defendants’ favor. Michael Condon represented the Kankakee County Defendants.

Gilmore v. Briseno

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