Christian E. Ketter

May 15, 2016

Christian E. Ketter is an Adjunct Professor of criminal procedure at Morton College. He graduated cum laude from the John Marshall Law School in Chicago in 2018, as a Dean’s Scholar, and received his undergraduate degree from DePaul University, graduating cum laude. While in law school, Christian served as President of Phi Delta Phi International Legal Honors Society and on the Moot Court Board as a national competitor, winning an award for best oralist. He was the recipient of the DuPage County Bar Association’s Judge William J. Bauer scholarship. Christian is a former Cook County prosecutor in Chicago, Illinois, having worked as an Assistant State’s Attorney in the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Criminal Prosecutions Bureau. Prior to this, he served as a certified court-appointed mediator in Cook County. He served also in an internship as a judicial clerk at the U.S Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit under the Honorable Judge William J. Bauer. Christian has written on the subject of constitutional theory, legislation, First and Second Amendment rights, voting rights, administrative law, labor reform, Chief Justice John Marshall, and the Roberts Court. Christian’s work has been published in The University of Toledo Law Review, Wayne State Law Review, Florida Coastal Law Review, The Arizona State Sports and Entertainment Law Journal, UIC John Marshall Law Review, and Cleveland State Law Review. He is a member of the DuPage County Bar Association, the Illinois Prosecutors Bar Association, the Society of Scholars, and the Seventh Circuit Bar Association in which he served as a committeeman on the Diversity and Inclusion Committee. He has spoken frequently at the John Marshall Law School on academic preparation and success.

On a personal note, Mr. Ketter enjoyed a national career as an operatic tenor, making his Carnegie Hall debut in 2014, covered by The Washington Post. He released an album in 2014 and made his Symphony Center debut in 2015, as the national winner of the American Prize. He sang regularly in concert and opera with the Cook County Bar Association’s Symphony Orchestra. Christian appeared as a guest-lecturer at Northwestern State University of Louisiana. He has written on employee misclassification and labor abuse in the American performing arts industry, published in The Arizona State Sports and Entertainment Law Journal, and was interviewed by the American Bar Association magazine regarding industry practices. A member of the Itasca Lions, Christian lives in Itasca, Illinois with his wife, a concert-violinist.


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