Announcing Local Police News

March 5, 2021
HCB is proud to partner with Sarah Cole to deliver

Local Police News


HCB was disappointed to hear that Sarah Cole retired from NEMERT, and we would no longer be receiving Local Police News. We reached out to Sarah, and with NEMERT’s blessing, she has agreed to team up with us to continue producing Local Police News for our and NEMERT’s subscribers.


We are excited to announce our partnership with Sarah. Together, we will be producing a Local Police News email once to twice a week, along with our monthly HCBullet, to give you all the latest updates in police, jail, and local municipal news.


You have received this email because you either are a current subscriber of the HCBullet or a former subscriber of Local Police News. If you would like to opt of receiving further emails from us, please unsubscribe below.


Sarah Cole is looking forward to resuming work on Local Police News, but will be needing your help more than ever in locating important local police news. If you see anything that ought to be included in the emailing, be sure to email her at The emails won’t be as frequent as in the past, but we trust they will be just as informative!

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